Action On The Flight Deck

Aviation aficionados world wide will be transported onto a different "plane" with the opening of the updated Carrier Exhibition at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton.

On Monday 9 December, HRH The Duke of York, Patron of the Fleet Air Arm Museum since 1995, officially inaugurated the upgrade to the highly successful Carrier Experience.

Audio visual specialists Integrated Circles have been working closely with staff at the world famous Museum of the Fleet Air Arm to enhance the exhibition they first installed eight years ago.

"We have used technology that was not available at that time and in particular advances in visual technologies have made it possible for us to add spectacular action sequences to create the illusion of being on an Aircraft Carrier Deck at sea when planes are landing and taking off, " explained Technical Director, Simon Beer.

"We have worked hard in the past year to create the ultimate visitor experience. Our specialist knowledge and experience combined with the Museum's understanding of what it's really like on an aircraft carrier deck at sea, has resulted in the creation of an exhibition that will leave the senses reeling," he added.

Visitors move from the deck of the Carrier to the Island where they are taken on a tour of the ship itself. This tour has been upgraded and revised since its initial conception eight years ago and provides visitors with the opportunity to understand the intricacies involved in keeping an aircraft carrier at sea.

Video monitors and realistic tableaux introduce visitors to some of the different characters who make up the crew and with the aid of lighting, audio and video, together with a number of special effects they learn of the responsibilities and relationships between the different individuals and teams.

"In terms of the equipment we have installed", said Simon, "we have a reputation to live up to as in the past eight years there have been no failures with the equipment that was installed at the outset of the project. The current generation of Video Stores which run the new shows are totally solid state and will hopefully ensure another eight years of trouble free running!"
Carrier was originally made possible by the generosity of Sir Donald Gosling, and another major donation from the Gosling Foundation has supported the new developments.

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